WELCOME Welcome to the Retriever Daily Report of the Canadian National Retriever Championship, 14-19 September, 2009. This year’s National is hosted by the Pine Ridge Retriever Club, near Brighton, Ontario, in an area of picturesque rolling hills over-looking Lake Ontario. Your reporters are Pine Ridge Club members Dennis Voigt and Fiona McKay of Retrievers Online. Fiona will do the drawings and Dennis will give you the news and test descriptions as well as the photos. We will attempt to post several times each day to keep you up on the latest news. If there is a delay, be patient while we seek a connection for uploading. Tip: Don’t forget to refresh your browser each time and remember to click on the photos to enlarge them. We would like to thank Retriever News for their assistance in helping us with these reports and for their hosting of Canadian National reports at www.working-retriever.com.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Winner is. . .

Update Note

I added an update and post national wrap up at the end of this page. Have a look at some important Thanks You’s. Saturday's report also has a sketch of the 10th series included now.

63 AFTCH Oakridge Rtvr Going All The Way QFTR
Owned by Lorraine Hare, handled by Lorne Langevin

Finalists for 2009 Canadian National Retriever Championship

7 Kapriver Emmy Lu-LR-F, owned by Victor Ricci, Handled by Dave Thompson

9 Wynflat’s G.P.S.-LR-F , owned and handled by Lorne Langevin

27 FTCH-AFTCH Baypoint’s Star Of Ladnermarsh-LR-F ,owned by Jerome So, handled by Dan Devos

32 No Strings Attached-LR-M , owned by Carl Clark, handled by Allan Haggerty

43 FTCH-AFTCH Moira River Maddy-LR-F , owned by Greg MacInnis,Handled by Dave Thompson

45 Taylorlab Calumet’s Big Blue-LR-M , owned by Harold & Sharon Gierman, handled by Sharon

57 The Springwaters Rippin To Go-LR-M , owned by Ronald ModestoHandled by Charles Dygos

58 Laird’s Cynful Elegance-LR-F , owned by Christopher & Cynthia Parkinson, handled by Ray Smith

59 Bluenorth’s Under A Lucky Star-LR-F , owned by Ted & Cynthia Gadawski, handled by Ted

63 AFTCH Oakridge Rtvr Going All The Way QFTR-LR-F-owned by Lorraine Hare, handled by Lorne Langevin

64 FTCH-AFC Jaybar’s Click On-LR-M, owned by William & Betty Hoythandled by Charles Dygos

65 Pilkington’s Abby Of Kawartha-LR-F owned by Tony Scheller, handled by Dave Thompson

70 FTCH-AFTCH Bluenorth’s Alces Americana-LR-M, owned by Ed & Sharlene Zeerup, handled by Kevin Cheff

Post National Wrap-up

The morning after the celebration was another beautiful day with heavy fog in the valleys. The headquarters was quiet as I took a reflective early morning walk with my dog. At the entrance, the trademark black Labrador directional sign of the Pine Ridge Club looked the same as it had 10 days earlier. Obe went over to say hello as everybody else packed up to say good-bye.

No National is ever alike and this one had all the characteristic ups and downs, joys and frustrations and finally excitement. The heavy workload and strong contribution by judges, workers, host club and Sponsors seems a necessary toll but perhaps makes it all the more rewarding.

Worker’s Party and Thanks

I didn’t get the opportunity during the National to highlight the Worker’s Party on Thursday night. It was a celebration and thanks of all the effort put in by so many. At the head of the list of Thank You’s was the Major Sponsorship by Purina, Tritronics, Dogs AField and Ducks Unlimited. Jim Green, our Field Trail Chairman reminded everyone that their contribution has become essential to the conduct and quality of Canadian Nationals. He also identified the work of all the volunteers that make such events possible. Many of those I have already identified during the week because of their involvement with mechanics. But it is the behind the scenes folks that go unnoticed all too often. People like Honey Wilson, FT secretary, and Anne Hall, Treasurer and main program/catalog designer.

Anne (L) and Honey (R) always working!

Diane Ling did a lot behind the scenes on the Socials, Judges care and the Banquet and was assisted by many other including Barb Hawley, Grace Burmaster, and Jane Thompson. Jim Ling, NRCC president was also PRRC Financial Chair, working closely with Ann Hall. We had a big and competent set-up crew including Donna LaHaise, John Chevalier, Ann Hall and Anne Steer along with stalwart Albert Coles. Traffic and Parking flowed smoothly all week thanks to Richard Dresser, Bill Cummings and Don Wilson.

Richard Dresser runs the 10th with Test dog "willie" as judges watch!

Equipment folks were everywhere this week pitching in as needed. Trialers like Don Martin, Tony Scheller, Glynn Matthews, Tom Hawley, Ron LaDuke and Gerry Burmaster.

Don Martin in action!

At Gahonk headquarters Dave and Jane Thompson masterminded almost every aspect of this National but notably Social events, Grounds, Silent Auctions, Banquet and Worker’s Party. They made a huge contribution. Jean House was there at Gahonk throughout behind the scenes implementing many details. Dona Martin, was the Official Photographer. Jim Green also thanked Dennis and Fiona for the web reporting and identified the role that Dennis played as NRCC Corporate Sponsor Liaison.

Fiona sketches the 10th

Our Gun Captain did a fantastic job rounding up help from almost everybody that came to the grounds. Some of the volunteers offered their help on multiple occasions. The complete list for the week is huge and includes the following: Peter Martin, Dennis Harwood, Ann Steer, Larry Coe, Medie Robinson, Chris Mason, Glynn Matthews, Ron LeDuke, Bruce Kelly, Jim Green, Shirley Greener, Rich Dresser, Richard Davis, Les Oakes, Pierre Matthieu, Marg Murray, Ray Smith, Katie Dygos, Heather Stewart, Lori Walsh, Jane Thompson, Tony Schiller, Jim Ling, Dennis Voigt, Gerry Burmaster, Lorne Langevin, Chris LaCross, Dana Young, Mike Prechitko, Al Moroz, John Chevalier, Shirley Greener, Paul Lalley, Ted Gadawski, Tim Crone, Pearl McGinn, Randy Seip, Ron LaDuke, Chris LaCross, Don Martin, Kevin Cheff, Lorne Langevin, Allan Haggerty, Colin McNicol, Marty Kress, Jim Blake, Fred Benjaminson, Dennis Voigt, Pierre Mathieu, Marg Murray, Bill Kennedy, Greg McGinnis, Ron Malton, Jim Ling, Tom Hawley, Rob Cumpson, Bill Cumming, John Mairs and Carl Clarke, Ken Crosby, Dennis Harwood, Heather Stewart, Lori Walsh, Don Wilson, Jeff McCann, and Sandi Bond.

At the end of the night, Jim Green was also thanked for over-seeing the entire National-always a challenging and daunting task. I would be remiss if I did not identify that this entire group of volunteers was supported and sponsored by Purina with dog food, bags and various other gifts of appreciation. Again our thanks to Purina reps, Lauralee Camilleri, Les Oakes and Tim Crone.

Outside the Host club, we must never forget the year-round work of the NRCC and the executive. Marg Murray, Secretary Treasurer masterminds all the logistics for both Nationals. Of course our judges at this event, Larry Baker, Dan Yeomans and Wes Place probably had the greatest responsibility of anyone. Our thanks to them.

Finally, I want to again thank Retriever News for bringing this web report to you and a special thanks to Tina Ebner, Managing Editor for her efforts and consultation.

Our congratulations to the winner, Lorraine and Teezer with handler, Lorne. The stars were aligned for you!


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1. Jerryru’s Cosmic Force, LRM
2. FTCH-AFTCH Revilo’s Gunz N Roses, LRF
3. Biggun’s Mister Bo Jangles, LRM
5. Mjolnir’s There And Back Again, LRM
6. High Mileage Jb’s Believer QFTR CAN/AM, MH, LRF
7. Kapriver Emmy Lu, LRF
8. Needhams In It To Win It, LRM
9. Wynflat’s G.P.S., LRF
10. AFTCH Eba’s Cash Investment, LRM
11. L And L Just A Gigolo, LRM
12. FTCH-AFTCH-AFC Mjolnir’s Arwen Evenstar, LRF
13. FTCH-AFTCH Pilkington’s Kayte Of Southgate, LRF
14. Stormycreek’s Old Salty, LRM
15. Baby Duck’s Zipped In Yellow, LRM
16. Northriver Zack’s Annie Girl, QFTR, LRF
17. Dippomarsh Hard To Miss, LRM
18. FTCH-AFTCH Waterstrike Ramblin Bramble, LRF
19. Sweet Nola, LRF
20. FTCH Reaction Abbey Dixie, LRF
21. Rpm Hard As A Rock, LRM
22. FTCH Riveroak Turn Me Loose, LRF
23. Topbrass Smooth As Silk, GRF
24. FTCH Sloan Of Sweetwater, LRF
25. NMH-GMH-HRCH Tamsu’s Miss Daily, WCX, CDX, GRF
26. Gahonk’s Over The Limit, LRM
27. FTCH-AFTCH Baypoint’s Star Of Ladnermarsh, LRF
28. FTCH-AFTCH Hickory Ridge Black Creek Ally, LRF
29. FTCH-AFTCH Grouse Of Drake’s Bay, LRF
30. Tiny’s Skyhawk, LRM
31. NMH Candlewood’s High Mileage Hope, MH, LRF
32. No Strings Attached, LRM
33. FTCH-AFTCH-FC-AFC Runnin’s Molly B, LRF
34. Buckskin Rudy’s Mischief, LRM
35. AFTCH North Of Seven, LRM
36. AFC Pekisko Calumet’s Rebel Doll, LRM
37. Mjolnir’s Dana Of Long Point, LRF
38. R.P.M. Trip, LRF
39. FTCH-AFTCH Mjolnir’s Daisy Mae, LRF
40. FTCH-AFTCH Revilo’s Cutting Edge, LRM
41. FTCH Sage’s Sassy Waterdog, LRF
42. FTCH Diamondbrook’s Vl Earl, LRM
43. FTCH-AFTCH Moira River Maddy, LRF
44. North’s Ice Of Forest Dell, LRM
45. Taylorlab Calumet’s Big Blue, LRM
46. FTCH-AFTCH Jaybar Madison Avenue, LRF
47. FTCH-AFTCH Gold Star Take’m Tex, MH, LRM
48. Stormcreek’s Mia, LRF
49. Orion The Hunter Of Big Sandy, LRM
50. Laird’s Cynful Wisdom, LRM
51. Riveroak Vapour Trail, LRM
52. L And L’s Marsh Obsession, LRM
53. Bluenorth’s Tumbling Dice, LRF
54. White Knuckle Night, LRM
55. Pokoldi’s Go Go Sally, LRF
56. AFTCH Pilkington’s Power Struggle, LRM
57. The Springwaters Rippin To Go, LRM
58. Laird’s Cynful Elegance, LRF
59. Bluenorth’s Under A Lucky Star, LRF
60. FTCH-AFTCH Hiwood Yukon Of Forest Dell, JH, LRM
61. FTCH Buckshots Rock Your World, LRM
62. Basil Edens’ Wild Mena, LRF
63. AFTCH Oakridge Rtvr Going All The Way, QFTR, LRF
64. FTCH-AFC Jaybar’s Click On, LRM
65. Pilkington’s Abby Of Kawartha, LRF
66. Glenelm’s Glowing Ember, GRF
67. FTCH-AFTCH Fifth Avenue Mighty Maximus, LRM
68. AFTCH Goldbriar’s Wailin Willie, GRM
69. Bluenorth’s Diamond Lil, LRF
70. FTCH-AFTCH Bluenorth’s Alces Americana, LRM
71. FC-AFTCH She’s Gonna Rip, LRF
72. FTCH Rpm Anvil, LRM
73. NAFTCH-FTCH-AFTCH-FC L And L Black Tie Affair, LRM
74. AFTCH Bluenorth’s Cosmic Hurricane, LRF
75. AFC Calumet’s Mein Soupster, LRM