WELCOME Welcome to the Retriever Daily Report of the Canadian National Retriever Championship, 14-19 September, 2009. This year’s National is hosted by the Pine Ridge Retriever Club, near Brighton, Ontario, in an area of picturesque rolling hills over-looking Lake Ontario. Your reporters are Pine Ridge Club members Dennis Voigt and Fiona McKay of Retrievers Online. Fiona will do the drawings and Dennis will give you the news and test descriptions as well as the photos. We will attempt to post several times each day to keep you up on the latest news. If there is a delay, be patient while we seek a connection for uploading. Tip: Don’t forget to refresh your browser each time and remember to click on the photos to enlarge them. We would like to thank Retriever News for their assistance in helping us with these reports and for their hosting of Canadian National reports at www.working-retriever.com.

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2009 Canadian Amateur

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vetting, Photos and Relax time

Good news -All the female dogs passed the vetting this morning!
Today, official photgraphs are being taken of all handlers by Dona Martin.
All the tests are set and the workers are taking a small break before they start up again tomorrow.

Relax Time! Albert Cole on the left has been at it all week along with Tony Schiller (middle) and PRRC Pres., Don Wilson(right).

Next report-tomorrow morning when we're underway!


Opening Banquet

A high-light of Canadian Pre-National activities is always the Opening Banquet-a chance to visit with trialers from across the country again as well catch up on news and begin the excitement of the week’s activities. The Banquet Hall was very nicely decorated by the Social Committee led by Jane Thompson, with help from Diane Ling, Patricia Green, Anne Hall, Barb Hawley, and Fiona McKay. A large collection of Silent Auction items were present.

Handlers jackets and hats supplied by Purina and the numbered bibs supplied by Tritronics waited beside the National Trophy to welcome all to the 2009 national retriever Championship
. The arrival of the Head table started the Program. True to a Canadian National tradition, they were led in by a bag-piper. National Anthems of both the United States and Canada were superbly led by Gerry Burmaster. Co-Masters of Ceremony, Jim Ling and Bill Kennedy toasted the Office of the President and The Queen as well as introduced the Head Table. Everyone feasted on an excellent dinner before starting the post dinner remarks which included welcomes from Pine Ridge Club, President Don Wilson, who set a new standard in his dashing black Tux! Field Trial Chairman Jim Green, spoke to the efforts of his hard working crew and preparations for the week, including thanks to the landowners.
NRCC President, Jim Ling, welcomed all and recognized the contributions of the Host Club, the NRCC Executive, the Directives, and the Sponsors. The Sponsors of the NRCC deserve special mention. Purina is the Official Sponsor and makes a major contribution to Canadian Nationals. They were represented as usual by the team of Lauralee Camillieri, Les Oakes and Tim Crone. Tritronics is also another long term major sponsor and Dogs Afield supplies all the blank ammunition as a Sponsor. Thanks also go to Ducks Unlimited Canada for supplying Finalists gifts at Nationals.

Together, Jim Ling and Secretary Marg Murray presented NRCC pins to judges, sponsor, directors, Marshal Gerry Pozzebon and FT. Chairman Jim Green and Field Trial Secretary, Honey Wilson among others. Jim also introduced and thanked me, Dennis Voigt, as Corporate Sponsor Liaison. I had an opportunity to update everyone on the Corporate Sponsor Program and thank them all. Jim also updated everyone on the results of the Annual Meeting (See my earlier report).
The judges were introduced, Wes Place from the Western zone, Dan Yeoman from the Eastern zone and Larry Baker from the Central zone. After receiving their gifts, Larry Baker spoke to how well the set-up crew had been working and how pleased they were with everything to date. By Saturday night, there was no doubt that the judges and their right hand man, Marshall Gerry Pozzebon were all smiles at how things were going.

Left to right, Mr. Yeoman, Mr. Place and Mr. Baker with `Pozzy`over seeing all! Before the judges were excused, we received the Marshall`s Instructions from Gerry. Handlers on the mat for marks, Dogs on the mat for blinds and go back 3 dogs for the first two no-birds before going to the end for a 3rd no-bird-It happens!
After a short break, a lively Calcutta started led by Auctioneer Dave Thompson and assisted by Bill Kennedy. Les Oakes handed out a bagful of goodies from Purina including free dog food. Bill Kennedy introduced each dog for the Calcutta.

There was an increasing air of excitement as the crowd talked about their favorites. Who had done well this year? Who was training well? Here, Professional trainer, Kevin Cheff, explains to Paul and Alma Lalley that "Quake" was running extremely well. Of course this raised the apprehension level-is he peaking? or peaked!!!
It took a while to go through all the dogs but finally when that was complete, the starting dog was drawn.It turns out that Dog 4, FC AFC FTCH AFTCH Miss T MH, handler by Pete Plourde will start off on Monday morning.
Good luck to all!


NRCC Annual Meeting

The National Retriever Club of Canada Annual Meeting was attended by member club delegates and interested trialers. It was chaired by NRCC President Jim Ling, and ably assisted by Secretary treasurer, Marg Murray. After roll call, we received reports from Field Trial Marshall, Gerry Pozzebon and Field Trial Chairman Jim Green as well as a welcome from Pine Ridge President, Don Wilson. All reports indicated everything was going smoothly in preparation for the week’s competition.
Marg Murray presented a proposal from the B.C. Association of Retriever Field Trial Clubs to host next year`s National near Merritt BC from 20-25 September. Field Trail Chairman will be Graham Tyler. It was also announced the judges would be John McBride from Central zone, Richard Dresser from S. Ontario zone and Tom Hawley from the Eastern zone. Chuck Dygos spoke to the 2010 National Amateur to be held by the North Bay and District Retriever Club on 12-18th July. Judges will be Dawne MacKenzie from Central, Barry Grundy from Western and Gerry Pozzebon from S. Ontario. It was also decided that the qualification period would be the two years preceding the trial.
A variety of NRCC business and was dealt with including some changes to 2010 dues, and running dog fess but the entry fees for 2010 will remain at $250. Election of Officers resulted in the following new NRCC executive. President, Gord Benn, 1st VP, Bev Fowler, 2nd VP Fred Benjaminson and Sceretary- Treasurer, Marg Murray. Retiring Directors were recognized and new Directors, Ray Smith, and Dan Yeomans, were welcomed. Dennis Voigt, Corpoate Sponsor Liaison reported on major NRCC Sponsorship contracts that had been negotiated this year. Of note were major 3- year contracts with Purina, Tritronics and Dogs Afield as well as contracts with Ducks Unlimited this year for Finalist gifts, and a commissioned painting for winners for next year by Connie Swanson. Several potential other Sponsors were discussed, including the possibility of Entry Express doing entries and catalogs. This program now worth over $60,000 annually to National host clubs and participants will allow the NRCC to maintain the quality of Canadian Nationals as well reverse some NRCC budgetary deficits in the future.
Finally, a new NRCC position was announced, Communications Officer. Duties are being refined but will include future web reporting like this for Nationals as well as expansion and development of a new NRCC website. Dona Martin was appointed to the position. A huge thank you to Tom Murray who has developed and maintained the NRCC site all these year’s on a volunteer basis. The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 so all could prepare for the Banquet in a few hours.


Pre-National Activities

The earliest activity at Headquarters at Gahonk Kennels each morning has been due to the arrival of the judges and set-up crew. They have been busy designing tests since Wednesday as contestants and participants are gradually building in numbers. Most handlers were in the area on Saturday and there were training groups scattered around the country-side. The number of travel trailers at the Gahonk property has been increasing steadily an there is a constant stream of vehicles coming and going as the Pine Ridge Retriever Club members can be seen all over putting the final pieces together. On Friday night there was a NRCC Director’s meeting and on Saturday, both the NRCC Annual Meeting and the Opening Banquet were held, both at the Brighton Curling Club.


To Our Sponsor


1. Jerryru’s Cosmic Force, LRM
2. FTCH-AFTCH Revilo’s Gunz N Roses, LRF
3. Biggun’s Mister Bo Jangles, LRM
5. Mjolnir’s There And Back Again, LRM
6. High Mileage Jb’s Believer QFTR CAN/AM, MH, LRF
7. Kapriver Emmy Lu, LRF
8. Needhams In It To Win It, LRM
9. Wynflat’s G.P.S., LRF
10. AFTCH Eba’s Cash Investment, LRM
11. L And L Just A Gigolo, LRM
12. FTCH-AFTCH-AFC Mjolnir’s Arwen Evenstar, LRF
13. FTCH-AFTCH Pilkington’s Kayte Of Southgate, LRF
14. Stormycreek’s Old Salty, LRM
15. Baby Duck’s Zipped In Yellow, LRM
16. Northriver Zack’s Annie Girl, QFTR, LRF
17. Dippomarsh Hard To Miss, LRM
18. FTCH-AFTCH Waterstrike Ramblin Bramble, LRF
19. Sweet Nola, LRF
20. FTCH Reaction Abbey Dixie, LRF
21. Rpm Hard As A Rock, LRM
22. FTCH Riveroak Turn Me Loose, LRF
23. Topbrass Smooth As Silk, GRF
24. FTCH Sloan Of Sweetwater, LRF
25. NMH-GMH-HRCH Tamsu’s Miss Daily, WCX, CDX, GRF
26. Gahonk’s Over The Limit, LRM
27. FTCH-AFTCH Baypoint’s Star Of Ladnermarsh, LRF
28. FTCH-AFTCH Hickory Ridge Black Creek Ally, LRF
29. FTCH-AFTCH Grouse Of Drake’s Bay, LRF
30. Tiny’s Skyhawk, LRM
31. NMH Candlewood’s High Mileage Hope, MH, LRF
32. No Strings Attached, LRM
33. FTCH-AFTCH-FC-AFC Runnin’s Molly B, LRF
34. Buckskin Rudy’s Mischief, LRM
35. AFTCH North Of Seven, LRM
36. AFC Pekisko Calumet’s Rebel Doll, LRM
37. Mjolnir’s Dana Of Long Point, LRF
38. R.P.M. Trip, LRF
39. FTCH-AFTCH Mjolnir’s Daisy Mae, LRF
40. FTCH-AFTCH Revilo’s Cutting Edge, LRM
41. FTCH Sage’s Sassy Waterdog, LRF
42. FTCH Diamondbrook’s Vl Earl, LRM
43. FTCH-AFTCH Moira River Maddy, LRF
44. North’s Ice Of Forest Dell, LRM
45. Taylorlab Calumet’s Big Blue, LRM
46. FTCH-AFTCH Jaybar Madison Avenue, LRF
47. FTCH-AFTCH Gold Star Take’m Tex, MH, LRM
48. Stormcreek’s Mia, LRF
49. Orion The Hunter Of Big Sandy, LRM
50. Laird’s Cynful Wisdom, LRM
51. Riveroak Vapour Trail, LRM
52. L And L’s Marsh Obsession, LRM
53. Bluenorth’s Tumbling Dice, LRF
54. White Knuckle Night, LRM
55. Pokoldi’s Go Go Sally, LRF
56. AFTCH Pilkington’s Power Struggle, LRM
57. The Springwaters Rippin To Go, LRM
58. Laird’s Cynful Elegance, LRF
59. Bluenorth’s Under A Lucky Star, LRF
60. FTCH-AFTCH Hiwood Yukon Of Forest Dell, JH, LRM
61. FTCH Buckshots Rock Your World, LRM
62. Basil Edens’ Wild Mena, LRF
63. AFTCH Oakridge Rtvr Going All The Way, QFTR, LRF
64. FTCH-AFC Jaybar’s Click On, LRM
65. Pilkington’s Abby Of Kawartha, LRF
66. Glenelm’s Glowing Ember, GRF
67. FTCH-AFTCH Fifth Avenue Mighty Maximus, LRM
68. AFTCH Goldbriar’s Wailin Willie, GRM
69. Bluenorth’s Diamond Lil, LRF
70. FTCH-AFTCH Bluenorth’s Alces Americana, LRM
71. FC-AFTCH She’s Gonna Rip, LRF
72. FTCH Rpm Anvil, LRM
73. NAFTCH-FTCH-AFTCH-FC L And L Black Tie Affair, LRM
74. AFTCH Bluenorth’s Cosmic Hurricane, LRF
75. AFC Calumet’s Mein Soupster, LRM